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numerology calculator
version 2.1

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Ideal App to get the energy of a name, date or number!

This app gives you the ability to calculate the number (or energetic value) of a sequence of Characters.

The logic of this calculator is based on standard Numerology, which seems to have originated in Tibet.

Numbers have an energetic value from 1 to 9 and Zero has none, it is not counted and only serves as a place holder.

The use of master numbers (11-99) for calculations can be selected or switched off.

The letters of the alphabet value from:

a = 1 to z = 26

The interpretations of the main energy (blue) of a number (1 - 33) are from Kryon, channelled by Lee Carroll.

The interpretation of the number 44 is mine.

The additional energetic properties listed, are the most obvious ones, but there are different opinions. For more information, please use the NUMBER link at the bottom right of the App.
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