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Base PRO

base converter 2 - 16
version 2.0

BASE 2 up to BASE 16 • High school students of Computer Science

•Verify your results quicker and therefore study faster
•Gain more understanding faster by using this app

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Base PRO is a calculator of BASE 2 (binary) up to BASE 16 (hexadecimal) and converts all Bases at the same time.

The app was developed, because as a previous computer science teacher, I experienced that most students have difficulties with the conversions.

We had very good results when using this base converter as a control for manual executed calculations of the student. Furthermore the visualisation of the logic of all bases at the same time, increased the overall understanding dramatically. At tests most students achieved A-level results, but most importantly - no-one failed!

Base PRO is a great tool for education and reference, it includes additional information for each Base, e.g. name, symbol and range.

This app is also available for macOS, Windows and Linux.

CPU: Apple 64 bit
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