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Meditation Master

Master Your Inner Peace
version 1.2

Unlock inner peace and mindfulness with Meditation Master – 25 guided meditations for a harmonious life.

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Discover inner peace and mindfulness with Meditation Master, your guide to a harmonious life. This app offers 25 carefully crafted guided meditations, organised into five groups, to help you find your centre, enhance your well-being, and connect with your inner self.
Sensory Presence:

  • Listen Meditation: Immerse yourself in the world of sound and cultivate deep listening skills.

  • Look Meditation: Enhance visual awareness and expand your capacity for clear seeing.

  • Smell Meditation: Awaken your senses through the power of fragrance and essential oils.

  • Taste Meditation: Savour the present moment with mindful eating practices.

  • Touch Meditation: Deepen your connection with the world through the sense of touch.

Mindful Awareness:
  • Body Sensations Meditation: Scan your body, release tension, and dissolve the boundaries between body and mind.

  • Breath Awareness Meditation: Focus on your breath for a profound sense of presence and relaxation.

  • Breath Awareness with Mantra Meditation: Combine breath awareness with positive affirmations for inner peace.

  • Centering Awareness Meditation: Find your centre within, away from distractions.

  • Conscious Walking Meditation: Take mindful steps and cultivate awareness in motion.

Inner Harmony:
  • Loving Kindness Meditation: Cultivate compassion and love for yourself and others.

  • Object Absorption Meditation: Immerse yourself in an object to experience oneness.

  • Transcending Duality Meditation: Reflect on the unity beyond opposites.

  • Visualise Light Meditation: Bask in radiant energy and uplift your consciousness.

  • Witnessing Awareness Meditation: Observe thoughts and emotions without attachment.

Energetic Upliftment:
  • Dissolving Thoughts Meditation: Let thoughts dissolve and find clarity.

  • Power of 5 Meditation: Elevate your vibration with gratitude, love, compassion, joy, and abundance.

  • Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation: Enhance cognitive function, reduce stress, and improve memory.

  • Sound Meditation: Connect with soothing sounds to attain unity and transcendence.

  • Starburst Meditation: Ignite inner light and dispel negative energies.

Spiritual Connection:
  • Divine Connection Meditation: Establish a profound link with the higher realm.

  • Earth Meditation: Ground yourself, connect with nature, and foster balance and harmony.

  • Energy Flow Activation Meditation: Harmonise your energy system and awaken your spiritual energies.

  • Expansion of Consciousness Meditation: Expand your awareness and experience boundless unity.

  • Kriya Yoga Meditation: Combine breath control, mantra repetition, and energy movement to access higher states of consciousness.

Each meditation is accompanied by informative guidance that can be read or listened to. Join our weekly Guided Meditation on Zoom with Kriya Yoga Meditation.

Start your journey to inner peace and mindfulness with Meditation Master today!

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